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Mr. Nobody review

Posted : 1 week ago on 19 March 2017 04:07 (A review of Mr. Nobody)

I have known of this film for some time. I have seen moments from it and I've seen it floating around on Netflix and such. I finally decided to check it out to see what it was all about. I mean the plot sounded really interesting and Jared Leto is a really good actor despite Suicide Squad's "Joker". I've never heard of or seen anything from Jaco van Dormael. I'm really curious as to how this will be.

That was insanely good and very different. I loved the genre bending here. It's a mixture of science fiction, romance, and drama. The idea of string theory is one that I find absolutely fascinating. The little bits where we get scientific explanations of things was different and yet I welcomed it. I had no idea Juno Temple was here and I absolutely adore her. I thought everyone did excellent jobs with their roles and all the characters were quite interesting. The idea of the whole movie is one that really makes you think even long after watching. Suddenly as I'm writing the review for this I have revelations of why they chose to do things with certain characters and moments. Anyways it's just a really captivating tale that really makes you think about things.

This is not just a movie but an experience. To fully become invested you must not take any distractions. This is a thinking person's film and if you aren't paying attention you will assuredly be lost. So I will only suggest this to those willing to set aside a couple hours to focus on what they are watching. It has a great cast that play their characters well. The story is quite fascinating with detail and how it deals with itself. I'm so very glad I have watched this and I wonder what I will catch once I watch this again someday. I only regret I haven't seen it sooner.

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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter review

Posted : 1 week, 2 days ago on 17 March 2017 09:15 (A review of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter)

I've enjoyed the Resident Evil movies. Who cares that it's not that much like the games. That's what the games are for. Besides that I love Milla Jovovich so I'm kind of biased. Sure the movies aren't perfect, but they are a whole lot of fun. The first one of course being the best one. Anyways it says Final Chapter as they assume this will be the last one, but really you can never be too sure even when it's confirmed. If they do make another one though there will almost surely be an entirely new cast. Anyways I have been really wanting to see this one despite many saying it's trash and what not. I just appreciate that it's still Paul W.S. Anderson and it wraps the whole story. It's interesting that he only skipped out on Apocalypse and Extinction which are my least favorites honestly. So let's see if it's still entertaining or as crappy as they say.

Well I have to admit that it could have been better. Of course I still thought it was fun anyways. The opening recap was a little silly, but hey it got us a few glimpses of the previous characters I've liked. I thought that a lot of the deaths were a little weak and quick compared to others. I also wish they had brought all the characters who were still alive back for this to really make it a worthy sequel. I did like the new characters like Abigail, Razor, and Christian. The story was alright, but I found it at times a little predictable. I was kind of disappointed with how the movie ended as well. If you are going to call it the Final Chapter is it necessary to have an open ending!? I did like the stuff when they were in the HIVE, but it could have had something besides one scene relating it to the first movie. Anyways it's a decent sequel despite the flaws.

So to wrap it up. I liked the new characters. I liked catching up with the few old characters we knew, but I wish they also brought us the rest of the surviving characters for a more full experience. The story was a little predictable and the deaths could have been more entertaining as well. It could have been much better, but it's not my least favorite of the series. I thought the second one was a bit too silly in some aspects. Although I will be honest I get a kick out of these even the ones that weren't as good. If you are a big fan of the movies you will be satisfied. As for the casual viewer this will be just another boring action infection film.

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The Perfect Weapon review

Posted : 1 week, 2 days ago on 17 March 2017 08:57 (A review of The Perfect Weapon)

So I wanted to watch something quick and easy on Netflix. This one was new and so I figured I would give it a shot even with it being a Steven Seagal movie. Titus Paar has only done one other film before this that nobody has heard of most likely with another one coming next year. As for the writers this is their only credit so far. Let's see how bad this is. I'm hoping for a so bad it's enjoyable, but who knows in this day and age.

Good lord that was pretty awful. Why did they get a bunch of weird looking actors for villains here? Johnny Messner is usually decent, but here he felt so out of place. This whole thing felt like Hitman meets Total Recall with a very small budget and a terrible script. There were some super lame ideas and introduction of characters that made no sense. They brought characters out of nowhere that had history with the main character yet without knowing them it held no impact. The script had no substance to it at all. The action here wasn't even that good. There were a few kills that I thought were interesting though surprisingly. The ending was incredibly stupid and out of nowhere. It's probably one of the WORST twists I've ever seen.

This was a pitiful excuse of a movie. I gave it a generous 1.5 for a few interesting kills and because of my new found crush in the form of Sasha Jackson lol. Johnny Messner also proves that he may have made for an interesting Hitman. It makes me wonder if he could do so in a actual movie if they tried. I don't think the writers should be allowed to do anything else after this unless they somehow learn skills. Anyways skip this trash guys it's definitely not worth the time or energy.

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Get Out review

Posted : 1 week, 2 days ago on 17 March 2017 08:49 (A review of Get Out)

I think Jordan Peele is awesome! I loved the show Key & Peele and the Keanu (which he also wrote) movie. The guy is too funny. So when I heard he wanted to take a new route and direct a horror film I was excitedly on board. A funny guy taking on the genre I love should be interesting. I was hooked even before I saw the trailer. Then the trailer came and I was in awe. It looked excellent and fun. Then all I heard were good reviews and praise about it. People just loved it and that really got me excited. So as soon as I could get the chance I went to the theater and saw it.

Boy oh boy that was incredible. This is definitely going to be one of my favorite horror films. It's for sure going to be a top for 2017 films. It was so smartly done. The visuals were great and striking. The acting was excellent. I didn't even realize the girl who played Georgina was the main from The Purge: Election Year until after. Allison Williams was excellent in her role. The best friend though was the best though and the stuff with him really showed the humor Jordan Peele is known for. In fact there are bits throughout where there are funny moments or dialogue which was a nice touch. The way it deals with societal commentary and such was excellent and memorable. I won't say much else other than it really was intelligent and well done.

This was well worth the wait. Who knew that Jordan Peele had the touch of a horror icon to him! I liked the acting and characters. I like how it dealt with society and current issues. It's a smart movie and very well made. I would definitely suggest getting out there and supporting Jordan Peele by watching this. He has four more social commentary horror movie ideas and at this rate I am excited to see them all.

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Wildflower review

Posted : 1 week, 2 days ago on 17 March 2017 08:46 (A review of Wildflower)

Really the only reason I wanted to watch this is because Alex Steele is in it and I remember her when she was a kid on Degrassi. I also watched it for Nathalia Ramos who is just plain hot. Other than that I had no idea of what the story is or anything. I have heard of nothing that Nicholas DiBella did before this so I don't know what to expect. I wonder if this will be any good or not.

Well that was an interesting idea I'll give it that, but as a whole it didn't work for me. It's a Christian murder mystery film with an emphasis on fantasy elements. I like Christian movies when done right, but good lord this was just a mess. The writing was odd. The look of it made me feel like I was watching a horror movie where they took all the scary out. The acting was actually not too bad. Although the main guy could have used some work. At the end I was kind of disappointed. The execution of the whole thing is just boring as well as predictable.

This was some weird Christian/Murder Mystery/Fantasy mash up that could have been an interesting idea. Yet the Nicholas DiBella really fumbled with the whole thing. The acting was the best part besides the main guy. It's a snorefest which leaves no real impression. I would definitely suggest passing this one buy so as to avoid disappointment.

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Burning Sands review

Posted : 1 week, 2 days ago on 17 March 2017 08:44 (A review of Burning Sands)

I watched the trailer for this a bit before it finally popping up on Netflix. It looked like an intensely interesting film and well made. This is the only film from Gerard McMurray and Christine Berg so far. So let's see what they have to offer.

Wow that is not at all what I was expecting from this. That really was an intense story. The whole idea of it really keeps you hooked. I wasn't even sure which way things would go in the situations they were in. When everything was said and done I was left speechless. The acting is excellent even from the unknowns. I also spotted the guy who played the oldest version of the main character from Moonlight. His role is very limited though which I was disappointed with. For a movie about fraternities they did this one right and different.

This was a remarkable film from beginning to end. These newcomers really knew how to give their all to their characters and the story. The direction and writing was excellent and well thought out. It's not a booze and sex filled frat movie which gives it an edge. I hope to see future work from the director and writer here. If you haven't yet checked this new addition to the Netflix entertainment I highly recommend you do.

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Good Kids review

Posted : 1 week, 2 days ago on 17 March 2017 08:40 (A review of Good Kids)

Honestly before watching this I knew absolutely nothing about it. I just picked it on Netflix because the plot looked interesting. It has a pretty cool cast of young and older faces which is good. This is the only film to date from writer/director Chris McCoy. So I am curious if this will be any good or if this director should have stayed unknown.

It's a pretty typical story filled with cliches from beginning to end. Mateo Arias reminded me of Alex Wolff from the teen movie Standoff. They had the same characteristics and their voices were similar. I don't quite see Zoey Deutch as beautiful or hot, but more so cute. So it's always odd when characters try to pass her off that way. It was interesting to see Nicholas Braun as the star of the show rather than just a friend of the main character. I liked the whole scenario with the tennis stuff though haha. A lot of the jokes were very bland and unmemorable. There was one thing that set it apart which gave it a little boost. The fact that they were never outcasts and made themselves reclusive was an interesting idea. Overall it was simple and didn't really want to expand itself to anything more interesting.

This could have been better given that the main cast are actually decent enough actors. The story line is not all that fresh, although it does have a few slight ideas to separate it from being too generic. I did like the characters here. Was this really a theater movie? I don't recall it ever being anywhere. Though it's understandable why as it's just average. There is much worse out there. It felt more like a direct to DVD or VOD type movie. Anyways I don't think I would recommend it, but there are far worse things out there.

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Sundown review

Posted : 2 weeks, 2 days ago on 10 March 2017 03:18 (A review of Sundown)

So I really knew nothing at all about this movie until I saw it on Netflix. The main reason I even checked it out was because the main character's name is Logan aka my name. Besides that the cast was fairly interesting with a couple people I don't see too often anymore. I've never heard of Fernando Lebrija before and he only has one other film anyways. As for Miguel Tejada-Flores he also wrote Lion King, Revenge of the Nerds films, and some horror movie sequels. So let's see if this was just a waste of time or not.

This was basically a hybrid of We're Not Your Friends and The Hangover series. It even shares some aspects of the latter. I didn't even recognize Camilla Belle at first when I saw her here. Her & Sara Paxton are still beautiful and I always find it a pleasure to see them on-screen. Devon Werkheiser puts good use to my name as a likable main character. He feels like the Zac Efron of Nickolodeon by choosing to do a teen sex comedy now that he is older. Although he isn't nearly as famous I think he is a decent actor too. There are a few great jokes, but it's still pretty cliche. I didn't expect much from this which is good. I think if I had high hopes I would have been disappointed. It's enjoyable and hearing Sara Paxton and Camilla Belle say my name puts a smile on my face. It also gives it a little extra credit lol. Though this movie could have been better had it cut the cliches and got a less weirdo villain. I liked how it all ended though.

So while this is recognizable and a bit cliche I did find myself enjoying it. I liked the characters and it was amusing to hear my name constantly. Thank goodness they didn't make Logans look bad lol. It could have been a bit better, but as it was I'm not complaining. If you like these type of movies you may get a kick out of it. If your name is Logan you may even find it more amusing.

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Coin Heist review

Posted : 2 weeks, 2 days ago on 10 March 2017 03:02 (A review of Coin Heist)

I don't know why, but I had thought this was about bitcoin at some point. Maybe somebody had put a false plot or something down. Anyways when I watched the trailer I thought it looked fairly interesting. It has only a few faces that are somewhat known. Apparently this is based on a book too. I swear I never expect something to be based on a book especially in certain ideas. Okay I would never have expected that this was written and directed by a 24 year old who has a few other films under her belt as well. Anyways let's see what Emily Hagins has to offer.

Okay so that wasn't a bad movie. Not great, but not too bad either. The story line was decent and kind of reminded me of The Perfect Score meets The Breakfast Club in a sense. I liked the characters although the lead guy had no charisma. It's not very helpful to a movie when the lead has a bland personality. This isn't Twilight or Fifty Shades where the character is emotionless because it is meant to be you. It seemed however all the other mains tried. Anyways I don't really know that it could have been much better. It's a pretty generic idea.

So this was a so-so movie. There were some decent characters. The acting was fine except the stale male lead. The story wasn't bad, but felt like a lesser version of The Perfect Score and Breakfast Club. Emily Hagins is still young so for what it's worth I believe she will improve. It's definitely a weak Netflix original compared to most. It could have been worse though.

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The Great Gilly Hopkins review

Posted : 2 weeks, 3 days ago on 10 March 2017 12:12 (A review of The Great Gilly Hopkins)

I didn't recognize this movie until I actually began to watch it on Netflix. I actually recalled watching the trailer and thinking it looked like it would be an amusing watch. It has a great cast including the girl from The Book Thief. Stephen Herek is a mixed bag director with stinkers like Critters, Into the Blue 2, and The Chaperone, but he also has some good ones like The Mighty Ducks, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, and 101 Dalmatians. It's written by David Paterson based on a book by Katherine Paterson who both also worked on Bridge to Terabithia. Now let's see if this is one of the stinkers or not.

Wow that wasn't nearly as funny as I was hoping for. In fact I would pretty much only consider it a drama with a few funny moments. It definitely makes sense given that it was written by those who brought Bridge to Terabithia. With a title like that and the look of the poster you would hope for a comedy though. I mean the acting is great and it's excellent to see Sophie Nelisse play a completely different type than she did in The Book Thief. The story itself is really good and the characters are interesting. The ending was a nice touch too.

So all in all it wasn't what I was expecting at all, but it was still a pretty good movie. The acting was great. The characters were memorable. The story was well done. Don't go in expecting a comedy though or you will be sorely disappointed. Still I would recommend checking this out for sure.

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