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Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation review

Posted : 8 hours, 28 minutes ago on 26 September 2016 01:55 (A review of Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation)

Alright it's time for part four the reject that was meant to be part three. Apparently there is no indication that this Ricky is the same. At this point it doesn't really matter. Brian Yuzna has plenty of well known films of which I have only seen Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (Written) and Return of the Living Dead Part 3 (Directed). Richard N. Gladstein who apparently had some on-screen roles in the first three films writes for this sequel. Arthur Gorson from the previous film returns as one of the writers. Woody Keith known for working with Brian Yuzna contributes to the script. Lastly S.J. Smith who also wrote the dreadfully terrible Children of the Corn: Revelation unfortunately contributes here as well.

This was so far off from what the original was. Besides the name, a character named Ricky, and a scene on a TV set from part three this doesn't feel like the same series. Now I can see why the filmmakers from part three declined this one. It's like Nightmare on Elm Street with witches. It's one weird gross out movie. There are some moments that were just uncomfortable to watch. One such example has a woman get bug goo dripped on her face in a very provocative looking manner. It tries to have surprise twists, but everything was just way too obvious. It could be that I have seen so many movies that some things just feel that way. The roach symbolism and such was really gross. I just cannot do roaches. They creep me the hell out. So I was uneasy through the whole thing which I guess is one win for the filmmakers.

Neith Hunter is one good looking woman. I think I have found a new 90s crush. She is also by far the best lead of the series. She has some dull moments, but mostly she was fairly decent. Clint Howard once again proves he is such a weird guy. It's hard to believe he is related to the great Ron Howard. This movie is all about making guys look like disgusting pigs. Although Hank does improve his behavior. It's a bit strange seeing as the filmmakers are guys. There weren't really that many likable characters besides Kim and later Hank. At least they got a couple of decent actors this time who didn't botch things up too much.

It's definitely one of those movies that uses a known title to get attention. It really doesn't belong with the Silent Night series, but as it's own film it's somewhat entertaining. It's really gross and uncomfortable at times, but I get grossed out when it comes to anything with roaches. The acting is not great, but it's far better than previous installments. It has a few likable characters, but the guys are portrayed like creeps for no real reason. It's definitely the better of the sequels I have watched so far.

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Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out! review

Posted : 11 hours, 53 minutes ago on 25 September 2016 10:30 (A review of Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out!)

Alright so I'm now going for part three. This is when things begin to become a little more supernatural and different than the previous films. At least it does have a few surprising actors like Richard Beymer and Laura Harring! There is also the legendary horror actor Bill Moseley. I've never seen anything from Monte Hellman, but I have heard of at least one other film. It looks like both the writers have only done two films with Arthur Gorson being the only one who returns for part four. Anyways let's see how this fairs in the series. I hope it's at least better than the second one.

This movie is constantly pissing me off. They say Ricky had half his head shot off in the last film which didn't happen. They also make the flashbacks from the first movie seem like Ricky was Billy and an only child. They make comments as if Ricky was the killer since part one. With a body count that includes eight (not including archive footage and the scene from a movie on TV) most of the kills are off-screen. The ones we do see are pretty lame. The results of some of the kills are gruesome though. Also they clearly had no idea what they were doing as the Doctor apparently seemed to have no recollection of Laura telling him where she was going. Then randomly he does remember like what the hell? The writing here is just trash! Now instead of being naughty he just has to see red.

A lot of the acting is pretty bad even from fairly well known Laura Harring. The writing makes Richard Beymer seem slightly amateur as well. Bill Moseley does a great Frankenstein impression. I also admit his character design is pretty neat. At least they do a continuation of pretty corny lead actors. Although Samantha Scully is pretty awful she is nowhere near as bad as Eric Freeman.

It's barely better than the previous installment. It's a shame that most of the deaths are off-screen. Also the writing and directing was really off. It sometimes felt like they had forgotten what happened in previous scenes and even the previous movies. That or they just didn't care to make sense of it all. The acting is pretty bad and the characters are pretty boring. Maybe if it was it's own film it may have been kind of better. Otherwise it's a waste of time.

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Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 review

Posted : 2 days, 4 hours ago on 24 September 2016 06:09 (A review of Silent Night, Deadly Night 2)

So now we enter part two. This is considered to be even sillier than the first one due to the main actor. Apparently this would have been basically a short, but they wanted to make it feature length so they added archive footage and a ton of end credits. I mean that's just a tad lazy don't you think? This is the only film from writer/director Lee Harry that I've seen or heard of. As for the other writers this is the only film they are credited for. It also has a cult following and oddly enough it's due to campiness (whereas it was intended to be silly).

Okay this was just lathered with terribleness. The first half has Ricky recaping the more important parts of the previous film with tons of archive footage. Some of which seems to be altered slightly from what I remember. It could also be that I didn't pay too much attention the first time. Also nearly most of the stuff he "remembers" should not be possible. Of course I knew the first half would be a long recap. I just think it could have been done differently or something. I felt this did give one bit of closure. I wasn't as impressed with the kills or plot line this time. The last shot was just stupid and takes this to a level of supernatural being. I guess the best moments is the rampage that includes the infamous "Garbage Day" line and the final kill.

The acting was really bad from just about everyone this time around. None of the characters were all that likable. I didn't even think Ricky was understandable like his brother. Billy was broken, but Ricky was just a psychopath. I find it ridiculous that they went and casted someone based on looks rather than their skill as an actor. I don't understand why they made Mother Superior look like that other than maybe because it was a new actress.

This was such a cheesefest. Unlike the previous film though I found this to be rotten. It was just dumb through almost the whole thing. I was hoping for the so bad it's fun kind of thing. For me I just wasn't entertained. Eric Freeman is just so awful and over the top I was just annoyed. There were no really good characters except maybe the Doctor. It has a few memorable moments. Sadly it is just crap.

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Silent Night, Deadly Night review

Posted : 2 days, 10 hours ago on 23 September 2016 11:44 (A review of Silent Night, Deadly Night)

I have never watched this series so I figured I would go ahead and check it out. It is considered a cult classic though so there's that. This is the only film from the director and writers I have seen so far. The ratings are fairly average so I'm not expecting much from it. I do hope it manages to at least be somewhat entertaining.

The general plot is actually a fairly neat idea. Had this been big budget I believe it would have been an excellent movie. The kills were well done and even kind of disturbing. There were a few dumb bits, but overall I was pleasantly entertained. The ending was one of the corniest parts, but I liked it. I do wish a few things happened, but unfortunately they seemed to be left behind.

Now the characters were all fairly decent. Mother Superior is the Nurse Ratched (of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest if you don't get the reference) of this film. She makes you despise her up until the end. Then there are the people just there for the body count with a young Linnea Quigley (horror legend) among them. His coworkers seemed like decent people except for the slimebag he was working under. Anyways I kind of felt sorry for Billy. He was just a really broken kid that was pushed past his limits. You don't normally see that kind of thing with slasher films. That in my opinion made this stand out more.

After watching this I can see why it's a cult classic. The script is pretty corny. The acting is at times even cornier. Some of the actors did well oddly enough while others were just silly. It's also back when most child actors were terrible. The kills here were the best thing. It didn't accomplish a few things I hoped it would though. All in all I would say this cheesefest was actually pretty entertaining. I will say it's definitely a guilty pleasure.

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Ghostbusters review

Posted : 3 days, 11 hours ago on 22 September 2016 10:59 (A review of Ghostbusters)

I had no problem with the idea of female Ghostbusters. My gripe is that there are tons of comedy actresses who are way better. Melissa McCarthy is the best here, but most of the time I just find her average. A few I find funnier are Aisha Tyler, Tina Fey, and Iliza Sheslinger. I'm just glad that many of the originals had roles here. Of the movies I have seen from Paul Feig I thought Spy was surprisingly funny and Heat was pretty good too. Kate Dippold wrote for The Heat. So it can't be all that bad I hope.

Well it wasn't a complete waste of time. It had some fairly funny moments. It even paid some good homage to the originals. There were some new ideas here and there that I liked. There is some stuff during the credits that were kind of amusing. At times it came off as a bit too silly. It also has some noticeable raunchy humor.

As for the characters I actually liked Holtzmann, Patty, and Kevin. Nobody else was really all that or their roles were too small to really care. I did like the various cameos from the original stars spread throughout. The acting was alright, but I do think there were much better choices.

It's a basic attempt at a reboot. It's not terrible, but it's certainly not the original. Most of the characters are forgettable with few saving graces. They paid decent homage to the originals which was nice. Overall it was about as I expected. It could have and should have been better. So I wouldn't go out of my way to suggest it for anyone.

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Honey 3: Dare to Dance review

Posted : 4 days, 5 hours ago on 22 September 2016 05:09 (A review of Honey 3: Dare to Dance)

Bille Woodruff once again returns as the director of this entry. Nobody returns from the previous films and from what I hear is the first one is only really referenced. Catherine Cyran isn't known for making good films either from writing or directing. Other than Cassie there isn't anybody that would draw much attention. Anyways let's see if this is even remotely interesting.

Okay a hip hop Romeo and Juliet actually sounds like a pretty interesting idea. There is a moment where Erik had a Footloose break down moment. The dances are really great. The last like twenty minutes is the play which is really what makes this sequel stand out. Sure it's a little corny at times, but it didn't bother me too much.

Oh wow I just realized that's the guy from the Footloose remake! There are a lot of interesting looking people dancing here. I like that they brought kids back into the mix like the first one. For some one who I haven't seen do anything in awhile I think Cassie holds her own as the lead. The acting really isn't too bad from these pretty unknown actors. The characters are all pretty likable. They even managed to make things have an original route.

I can honestly say this is my favorite of the series simply due to Romeo and Juliet play. The characters are likable and are decently portrayed. It's not too cliche for a genre that has done so many stories. The dancing was fresh as well. All in all it was a nice surprise.

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Honey review

Posted : 4 days, 9 hours ago on 22 September 2016 12:57 (A review of Honey)

So I have never actually seen this. I have only ever watched the second one. I figured since the third one just came out and they are on Netflix I should just check it out already. I mean it's Jessica Alba and Mekhi Phifer! Bille Woodruff has directed every entry in this series so that's respectable. This is the only film by the writers although they have both written for TV. I usually get a kick out of hip hop dance films so I'm hoping this is one of the good ones.

Does anyone ever say something like someone's flavor is hot? I swear this is so by the book. Way too many times I knew where everything would end up going. Besides the dancing I have pretty much seen it all before. The undercover cop scene was pretty terrible though. I think the idea of having their names on their shirts was kind of cute. It's basically a handful of music videos spread throughout a plotline. That honestly didn't bother me. The choreography was actually a little disappointing considering all the hip hop routines I have seen through the years. I think It's still a decent and entertaining watch. There was nice little music video during the credits.

This is so old Romeo is still credited as Lil' Romeo. Jessica Alba is absolutely delightful with an accent that escalates my adoration. Joy Bryant is pretty good as the friend too. Mekhi Phifer is always awesome. Zachary Williams and Romeo added some heart to the whole thing. I liked the hip hop cameos. The characters albeit likable are pretty typical.

The choreography could have been better. They could have strayed from the cliches. The writing could have used some improvement. The characters were likable, but they were a tad too familiar. It wasn't a bad watch though. I wouldn't watch it again, but it was decent.

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The Standoff review

Posted : 4 days, 15 hours ago on 21 September 2016 07:23 (A review of The Standoff)

As silly as the idea is I'm actually surprised this hasn't been made into a film until now. Sure it's been on episodes of TV shows, but making it a feature length story is an interesting idea. Ilyssa Goodman is a newcomer to directing films. Leigh Dunlap on the other hand has written for the Cinderella Story series. It has a slightly recognizable young cast with some whom I've never heard of. Let's see if they can pull this type of story off. I'm expecting major cheese.

Okay I saw a comparison to Willy Wonka which I can understand after the introduction scene. Oh wow they even referenced it in this! So it was as I thought pretty corny. That being said it's actually a cute and entertaining movie. I found myself laughing at some of the jokes and gags. There were a couple of dumb moments though. The story is pretty simple of course. I tend to find these competition style movies to be somewhat of a guilty pleasure.

The characters are all pretty interesting and fun. Alex Wolff's character seemed like a pothead which is a strange choice for a family friendly film. Of course they never say anything or show anything, but his characteristics suggest it. I think Klyde was definitely my favorite of the characters. Amy and Farrell were pretty typical, but they were still likable enough. The twin sisters were pretty and fairly amusing. Jerome was funny and entertaining. I would have liked for there to be more of Emerson. In fact it would have been interesting to see how far Emerson and Zane would have gotten. The rest were the typical stereotypes that still had things about them which made them decent. I thought everyone did well with their roles.

The writing was a little hammy. The story was at times cheesy, but that's understandable given the target audience. It has a likable cast that play interesting enough characters. It's a fairly simple and familiar concept. That being said I liked it. It's a pretty decent one time watch.

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Tell Me How I Die review

Posted : 4 days, 17 hours ago on 21 September 2016 05:08 (A review of Tell Me How I Die)

I thought the trailer looked pretty interesting. It's kind of like a different take on the Final Destination story or it could be a slasher. The cast has some interesting choices like Ryan Higa from the comedy section of Youtube, Nathan Kress from ICarly fame, and Mark Rolston. It's directed by D.J. Viola who has one other movie that probably no one has ever heard of. The same goes for the writers here. So let us see what these unknown storytellers got under their sleeves.

I was wondering where that beginning was going. That was a very interesting way to open. Now that's something I can get behind. I would definitely like to be able to remember some things exactly as they were. See I always want to do stuff like this, but who knows what their real intentions are. Those are some really cool pool balls lol. Ah yes it's already getting interesting! It was basically a PG-13 slasher version of Final Destination. The writing is ridiculous at times. The concept is fairly interesting though. It's a bit too long with a lackluster ending.

The characters were all pretty decent. I could compare them sort of to the Final Destination characters. Anna is the Alex Browning type. Den would be the Clear Rivers. Kristen would be Terry Chaney. Scratch is Billy Hitchcock. Marcus would definitely be Carter Horton. Dr. Jerrems would be kind of a Bludworth. I would say they are pretty damn close to identical in personalities. With that being said I generally liked all the characters. I thought they had their own interesting quirks about them.

It has wacky writing at times and it gets a little corny. The acting isn't all that bad. Even Ryan Higa does a decent job here. The characters were familiar, but likable. It's a fun enough concept to keep you interested. If it was shorter, had better writing, and an R rating I think it could have been much more entertaining. If you watch Final Destination first you probably won't like this too much. If you watch this first you may like it more. I thought it was a decent watch. It's not great though.

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The Good Neighbor review

Posted : 1 week ago on 19 September 2016 01:13 (A review of The Good Neighbor)

Thoughts Before Watching This:
1. After seeing the trailer I knew I wanted to see this.
2. It does sound similar to both Don't Breathe and I'm Not a Serial Killer (partially to do with that all three deal with older men [played each by excellent older actors] who may have dark secrets).
3. This one has James Caan as the senior citizen which is pretty cool.
4. It also has a pretty decent cast besides him.
5. This is the only credit for both the writers and the director.
6. It could still be good despite the unknowns behind the camera.
7. Oh and it's got found footage elements which for me is a plus if done right.
8. It's time to see if this was worth the wait.

Thoughts While Watching This:
1. The study of human behavior seems to be the base of the story.
2. This experiment makes me nervous to think that people would do such a thing whether they suspect wrong doings or not.
3. I like that they try a different route of storytelling with this found footage story.
4. People can be horrible to those they don't understand.
5. One can only hope that they aren't just tormenting an innocent old man.
6. I think I might react like it's normal myself.
7. Hmm it gets curiouser and curiouser.
8. This dude has some serious issues or something.
9. So I am curious where it's going with that.
10. Why did he react like that?
11. This mystery is killing me!
12. Ah so that explains one thing.
13. That was interesting!
14. Man that is quite the ending.

Thoughts After Watching This:
1. It was very different than I had initially expected.
2. The whole thing was pretty great and well done.
3. I never could figure out what was going on until the reveal.
4. The acting was really well done.
5. From a bunch of newbie filmmakers you would think they had more work under their belts.
6. I would definitely recommend checking this one out.

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“Alright so I'm now going for part three. This is when things begin to become a little more supernatural and different than the previous films. At least it does have a few surprising actors like Richard Beymer and Laura Harring! There is also the legendary horror actor Bill Moseley. I've never seen a” read more

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