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Kong: Skull Island review

Posted : 1 year, 7 months ago on 27 April 2017 11:06 (A review of Kong: Skull Island)

King Kong in the house! I mean come on how can you not want to see this?! The cast, Kong, and a different take on the story. It took a little bit for me to get to see it, but I finally made time. This is the first film directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts that I've seen even though I have heard of his other work. Dan Gilroy is an excellent writer with Nightcrawler, Bourne Legacy, and Real Steel under his belt. Max Borenstein also wrote the 2014 Godzilla remake. Derek Connolly wrote Jurassic World and Safety Not Guaranteed which were both awesome. John Gatins has also wrote many films like Real Steel, Coach Carter, and Flight. With such talent on and off-screen it's a given that this would be excellent.

This was a lot more intense and suspenseful than I had anticipated. With that i have to say I loved it. The carnage was incredible. I never expected what was about to happen and to whom. The creatures were remarkable looking and this was definitely the coolest looking Kong by far. The characters were great and likable. The acting was as I expected fantastic. Thank goodness that Kong actually had a decent amount of screen time as compared to what Godzilla was given. I think it was interesting how they dealt with the beauty and Kong aspect differently than we typically see. Of course you must make sure to stay for after the credits as this is one of those types of films. It's worth it though trust me.

Do I really have to convince you to check this out? It's a badass story about Kong with a great cast of characters! If you haven't seen it yet get on it already!

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Kubo and the Two Strings (2016) review

Posted : 1 year, 7 months ago on 27 April 2017 10:23 (A review of Kubo and the Two Strings (2016))

Yes I know I am behind with this one so no need to tell me so. Even my wife watched this before me and was shocked lol. Anyways I saw it on Netflix so I took my chance. I don't like the look of most stop-motion animation, but this one in particular actually looked pretty good. Plus the voice cast helps a lot! Wow this is the first and only film from director Travis Knight. I can only wonder what he will bring in the future. It's also the first for writers Marc Haimes and Shannon Tindle. Chris Butler isn't new to this though as he also did ParaNorman from a few years back. So let's see why this was so well received.

This was beautifully made and different. Things didn't go as I pictured they would. It's intense and kind of on the darker side for a family movie. It does have it's fair share of humor though. I loved the twists and turns of the story. I loved the characters. A lot of people I wouldn't have expected for voice-over work played the roles. I can see why this was nominated for an Oscar now.

This is definitely worth watching if you haven't seen it. It's fairly original. The script is excellent. The characters were unique and well acted. I mean with a cast like this had it's not too surprising. I'm glad I finally saw it. Now it's your turn.

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Surf's Up 2: WaveMania review

Posted : 1 year, 7 months ago on 24 April 2017 10:03 (A review of Surf's Up 2: WaveMania)

I have this thing where I end up watching sequels to movies that I already didn't like. This was one of those times. I don't understand this craze where they keep putting WWE stars in every kids show and movies. The Jetsons and Scooby-Doo for example. I don't even understand why it describes them as your favorite WWE superstars. I mean most kids shouldn't even watch WWE in my opinion. Anyways this is the only work from director Henry Yu. Abdul Williams also wrote The Lottery Ticket.

Now let's get into why this is bad and even worse than the first film. It completely bashes on what the first movie set up about ethics and who Cody's hero was. Only two side actors Jon Heder and Diedrich Bader return for their roles. This is played like it's some sort of nature film where a narrator calmly explains what is happening on screen as if we don't know. It's used to make for a comedic mockumentary, but it just feels so unnecessary. They even have him announce just about all of the credits. Also I don't get why they included narration and have the characters interviewed throughout. The narrator even announces when someone is being interviewed. Of course they throw in a little bit of wrestling even though they are playing surfers here. Also we see some of their signature behavior which is amusing, but at the same time it's pretty ridiculous. I just couldn't take this film seriously at all. I guess it could have been interesting if it wasn't so poorly designed. At least the graphics were great.

So yeah I don't know who out there liked the first one, but if you did I can only wonder if this would be up your alley too. If you are curious just know this one is much worse. I waste my time so you don't have to. Skip it hard.

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Boyka: Undisputed IV review

Posted : 1 year, 7 months ago on 23 April 2017 04:53 (A review of Boyka: Undisputed IV)

Boyka is probably one of the coolest characters in fighting films. He is also easily Scott Adkins best and most well known role. He started off as the "villain" and has now become the protagonist in two films. Anyways I had the opportunity to check it out and very happy I did. This is the first movie I have heard of by Todor Chapkanov, but he has done a decent number of films. Boaz Davidson came up with the story for this after only being involved in the second film. David N. White has stuck with the series as the writer since part two.

So once again Boyka kicks ass and takes names. The acting was a bit rough though from the other actors or maybe it could be the accents feeling a bit odd. Anyways we aren't watching this for the acting. We are here for the fight scenes. The fights are intense and brutal which is how we like them. The story was not especially interesting, but they did add a little bit more depth to our favorite anti-hero. The very end was an interesting decision. I wonder if there will be a follow up because of it.

This wasn't the best of the series though I see people say that here and there. I like the concept from the second and third more. Plus the subplots here were just kind of meh. I am glad they didn't make an unrealistic romance setting like what happens in these types of movies. It's still a pretty good movie and the fight scenes are of course what really get you hooked. So fans of Boyka will enjoy this of course. Just remember you won't be seeing this on an Oscar ballot.

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Everybody Wants Some!! review

Posted : 1 year, 7 months ago on 22 April 2017 03:49 (A review of Everybody Wants Some!!)

This was playing at my theater and I never got around to actually watching it. The only part I would see was a scene after the credits which was always awesome and I would sing along lol. Anyways I guess I had been neglecting it for awhile until I saw it on Amazon Prime and decided to finally see the entirety of it. I mean I enjoyed Dazed and Confused and thought Boyhood was excellent. I absolutely loved School of Rock as well. Another reason I decided to finally check it out is because I met Zoey Deutch and one of my coworkers was telling me she was pretty hot in this. So that was the final spark in my curiosity.

It turns out this movie was excellent. Zoey Deutch was pretty hot here and I adored her character, but she didn't have enough screen time in my opinion. So with that I was pretty damn disappointed. Of course it doesn't take the fun from the movie though. Blake Jenner is really making his way as a good actor after glee. He is funny and his character is pretty interesting. Glen Powell is awesome as usual. I can't find a role yet where I didn't like his character as a person. Wyatt Russell did a great job here too. It's so crazy how much he looks like his dad if he was a blond. Tyler Hoechlin wasn't as vital as I expected, but he had some good moments. The same goes for Ryan Guzman. I'm surprised that he can actually be entertaining after some of the other stuff I have seen him in. After seeing Austin Amelio as Dwight on The Walking Dead I knew that this guy could play good roles. His character here had some pretty amusing moments. Will Brittain didn't do much here and his character came off kind of lame. Juston Street was a very strange character here, but he was certainly entertaining. Forest Vickery didn't have much to do so he didn't make much of an impact for me. Tanner Kalina was alright, but not much special. Temple Baker as Plummer and J. Quinton Johnson as Dale were my favorite characters of the whole movie though. They were funny and interesting. They also had a good presence through the whole thing. So as a whole the characters were pretty good, but some could have used a bit more to them.

The story was definitely something you would catch from Richard Linklater about life, love, and friendship. The setting was not typical for this type of movie. I liked that it took place before school and kind of set up the lifestyle of these characters. It kind of makes me want to see a sequel of what everything will be like as they go through college and baseball. Anyways I really enjoyed this even more than I thought I would. It was funny, had good characters, and a nice storyline. It needed more Zoey Deutch, but that's my own feeling. I think it's worth checking out for sure.

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The BFG review

Posted : 1 year, 7 months ago on 21 April 2017 10:39 (A review of The BFG)

This was another film I waited to watch with my wife. I generally enjoy Steven Spielberg movies and it's also Disney. This is the final writing credit for Melissa Mathison before she passed. She also worked on E.T. with Spielberg and has written Indian in the Cupboard and the Twilight Zone movie. This flopped in the box office even though it's a Spielberg movie which shocked me. It could be that the main cast isn't very well known to pull enough interest. So let's get to it. This wasn't a bad movie, but it's a bit of a let down. There are some really funny scenes and the tale itself was interesting enough. The acting was good as well. One problem I had with it though is it was hard to figure out what era it takes place in as it looked like several mashed into one. Another problem is that it was kind of hard to understand what some of the characters were thinking due to the thick British accents. It didn't really feel like a Spielberg film though. It lacked depth that you tend to see in his work. Still I was entertained at times and I liked the characters. The best scene for sure was the breakfast scene. It's a decent one time watch, but anymore than that and it would be fairly boring.

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Skins review

Posted : 1 year, 7 months ago on 21 April 2017 04:25 (A review of Skins)

If I had known what I was getting into when I watched this I probably wouldn't half checked it out so quickly. Once I started though it was like I had been hypnotized by the whole thing to finish it. I didn't think making the grotesque and disturbing come off as quite so beautiful like it did here. The director here is young and this is his second film directing. His first was actually about one of the characters who he put into this one. So I really don't want to spoil anything, but I do have to warn this movie is only for the iron stomached. It can be pretty uncomfortable to watch at times. In fact I would rather get caught watching porn to be honest. Though I have to say it does have a good message to it if you can get into it. I also admit that it was entertaining to. Anyways it follows several slightly connected stories that deal with disfigurement. That in itself doesn't spoil anything like you would think. The acting was really good here and they take their roles seriously. Out of all the moments there are three I wish I hadn't seen: I suggest only reading these spoilers if you are not going to watch it as they will probably spook you away. an obese woman who is constipated from something (which you will see) finally has an explosive fix, a girl who has an asshole for a mouth and a mouth for an asshole (which looks quite fake) gets raped in the rear where the mouth is which she bites with, and a close up scene later of a man making out with her asshole mouth. So with all that said and done it's a well made movie. It's just not something you could really recommend or even watch with anyone. Unless you are that comfortable. You have been warned and if you are still compelled to watch it you can find it on Netflix.

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The Devil's Dolls review

Posted : 1 year, 7 months ago on 21 April 2017 03:57 (A review of The Devil's Dolls)

So this was on Netflix and I was bored so I gave it a shot. Padraig Reynolds also directed another film I've heard of. It's the only film to be written by Danny Kolker and main star Christopher Wiehl. This started off so good and dropped drastically as it went. The acting was Syfy Channel level maybe even worse. Samantha Smith from Supernatural was the only decent person here. The concept here is actually pretty damn cool, but they didn't care about the execution. Some of the kills were intense. I would have liked more of like what happened in the opening though. Also we never see one person again which seems odd. The ending was just plain laughable. Nobody runs that much while on fire without screaming! Do yourself a favor and skip on it. Thank goodness this was on Netflix and I didn't waste money. I only wasted my time so you wouldn't have to.

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Daddy's Home review

Posted : 1 year, 7 months ago on 21 April 2017 03:49 (A review of Daddy's Home)

So my wife made me watch this load of crap and ended up falling asleep on me. I finished it in the background while doing stuff on my computer. It is already a really long movie, but it drags and drags. It even feels way longer than it was. Just when you think it's over it added more. Then it pretty much just ends. I got the gist of the whole thing. It was rather typical and has nothing of value. The cast was pretty bad, but at least the women were gorgeous. Chyna Layne was the best thing about this and that is not saying much. It had a few kind of funny moments. Don't let people make you watch this or God forbid you dare to watch this alone. Natasha Tash Gray should be ashamed of herself for this directorial debut.

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The Bye Bye Man (2017) review

Posted : 1 year, 7 months ago on 21 April 2017 03:43 (A review of The Bye Bye Man (2017))

I really wanted to see this when I originally saw the trailer. Then I just kind of faded away from it. Besides that I constantly noticed bad ratings and not really any good comments. Anyways I finally got the chance to go ahead and check it out for myself. Stacy Title also directed part of Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror so I guess I shouldn't be so surprised about how this turned out to be. This is the third movie written by Jonathan Penner and the first in at least 20 years. This is the only writing credit for Robert Damon Schneck.

So let's start off with the characters and acting. Douglas Smith clearly doesn't have the same skills as his brother Gregory Smith of Everwood and Rookie Blue fame. I think he tried, but he mostly came off as silly. I liked Lucien Laviscount and he was easily my favorite part of this movie. He is always interesting to watch if you ask me. Now I have never heard of Cressida Bonas, but I'm glad to see her even if she is in this pile of crap. She has a unique voice that sounds to me like something from 60s or 70s films. It also helps that she is fairly hot. Doug Jones is pretty cool, but his part here is so limited that it almost feels like he is just a cameo. Michael Trucco did great for his small screen time. Jenna Kanell is not that great of an actress, but she was nice to look at. Other bits of acting felt forced or just really way too campy. The cast wasn't so much the problem though.

I watched the unrated cut which I'm sure is much better than the PG-13 crap they probably spewed into theaters. Though I seriously doubt it is by much considering how terrible this was. I mean the idea was great, but it was just executed so boringly. The deaths were bland and uninteresting. I did like the gun toting psycho stuff though. The CGI was really awful in some moments. Some of it just felt kinda repetitive. Anyways I'm so disappointed with this, but I should have known. Don't waste your time folks.

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